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Chocolate Mould Washers

Newsmith are a specialist manufacturer of chocolate mould washing and drying equipment for chocolate moulds, chocolate plaques and other items used in chocolate production.

Product Description

With over 45 years’ experience of manufacturing chocolate mould washers for both the world’s leading volume and niche chocolate producers.

Newsmith has developed a unique product range designed to ensure that a gentle cleaning and drying process leads to the production of perfectly clean and dry chocolate moulds and plaques every time at the best possible economic cost and minimal environmental impact.

The range of Newsmith chocolate mould washers includes:

  • Batch machine for high efficiency and high output washing for a large number of small items or a small number of large items.
  • Continuous tunnel machine designed for medium to high throughput applications for washing and drying chocolate moulds.
  • All machines can be built to customer specification to accommodate all sizes and types of chocolate moulds
  • Jetting system to maximise cleaning performance
  • Jet pipes easily removed for inspection or cleaning – no tools required
  • Cleaning solution temperature and drying temperature thermostatically controlled to be suitable for chocolate moulds
  • Operational efficiency with one person operation

Optional Equipment

  • Choice of heating – steam, gas, electric – all thermostatically controlled
  • Multi lane versions of tunnel machines available
  • PLC/HMI control
  • Auto rotating filter
  • Rinse booster tank
  • Water treatment systems designed to operate in conjunction with the washing and drying machine including water softening and reverse osmosis.

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