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Newsmith Stainless Brings Proven Baking Equipment Expertise To IBIE 2016

Newsmith Stainless Brings Proven Baking Equipment Expertise To IBIE 2016

Newsmith Stainless is bringing its extensive expertise in bakery goods production equipment to this year’s International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) in Las Vegas.  Encompassing its acclaimed Oddy range of specialist equipment, the organisation – which is co-sharing the stand with LeMatic Inc. with which it has a close working relationship – is demonstrating both performance and its extensive, international track record.

At the heart of stand N° 5507 are demonstrations of a range of Oddy equipment.  This includes ‘Novatek’ Dough Divider Rounders which, across the range, offer two to eight row configurations and can be specified to incorporate intermediate proofing, single or multi-head seeding and indexing cross conveyors.  The process does not use divider oil, reducing running costs and ensuring extremely clean machine operation.

Oddy finishing tables, which offer a choice of 600/800/1000 mm belt width, are also in the spotlight.  The modular design allows singular or multiple units to be installed or removed to suit production requirements.  Bread roll panners join the Oddy range being demonstrated and offer the same choice of belt widths.  Importantly, the design features inverter-controlled conveyor belt speeds to ensure a uniform dough product spacing, elimination of erratic movement and a reduction in wear and tear.

The organisation’s presence at the show is enhanced by a range of Newsmith Stainless equipment which offers key advantages to the bakery sector.  This includes modular basket washers which can process up to 8000 units an hour and are capable of handling all types and sizes of baskets.  The design can provide filtration, air-knife and high pressure label removal systems, and can, significantly, operate via a choice of heating mediums.

The same high levels of performance are achieved with the Newsmith range of basket stackers – also being highlighted on the stand.  Handling in excess of 32 units per minute, installations can be specified with automatic pallet and dolly loading, and are ideal for use with Newsmith’s basket and pallet conveyors.

In all cases, the Newsmith and Oddy equipment combines gentle handling with a robust, easy to maintain construction.  All visitors to Stand N° 5507 will be able to see for themselves the high levels of performance that are achieved and gain a full understanding of why the organisation has built a leading reputation in the baking industry worldwide.

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